TROY – Automation Alley announced that Project DIAMOnD (Digital, Independent, Agile, Manufacturing on Demand), an initiative to create the country’s largest 3D printer network on a blockchain technology platform, has achieved its first milestone goal: 300 3D printers have been distributed to small and medium-sized Oakland and Macomb County manufacturers.

Project DIAMOnD was established in October 2020 through CARES ACT funding grants of $10 million from Oakland County and $2 million from Macomb County, given to Automation Alley in June 2020 to accelerate digital transformation among Michigan manufacturers and strengthen supply chains for developing PPE during the pandemic. Simultaneously, Project DIAMOnD participating manufacturers are able to use the Markforged 3D printers they receive to expand their production of a variety of industrial parts and products, ultimately enhancing Industry 4.0 manufacturing capabilities in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly said it was important to commemorate the 300 3D printer milestone.

“Automation Alley shepherded this funding to maximize its value to the state’s pandemic response and to advance our mission to accelerate the digital transformation of Michigan’s small and medium-sized manufacturers,” Kelly said. “We again thank Oakland and Macomb Counties for their support and salute all of the area manufacturers who stepped up to participate in Project DIAMOnD and elevate Michigan’s 4.0 readiness and lessen the country’s dependence on foreign products while being prepared to help fight this pandemic.”

Initial grant eligibility for Project DIAMOnD was limited to 250 manufacturers from Oakland County and 50 from Macomb County with less than 500 employees. While the 300 3D printer target has been met, the long-term objective of Project DIAMOnD is to facilitate the creation of a self-governing, open, and scalable marketplace implemented using the decentralized principles of blockchain technology.

To learn more about Project DIAMOnD, or to inquire about joining the network, visit