ANN ARBOR – Rudy Patros, CEO of Securatech, a physical security company, describes one of his fastest selling products – a facial monitor that measures a visitor’s temperature and makes sure they are wearing a face mask before they are allowed to enter your business.

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Securatech is offering a high-tech solution for not only cannabis companies, but also any business to comply with COVID-19 healthcare restrictions and prevent those who ignore mask mandates from entering. Securatech President Rudy Patros calls it the Temperature and Mask Monitoring Center.

“You don’t want to see your operation go down because one employee is passing COVID to rest of staff. You can nip in bud with temperature check as you first line of defense before someone else gets infected.”

Securatech distributes and installs the monitoring device that read your temperature and also detect if you are wearing a mask. If both comply with restrictions, the monitor also releases the door and allows the person to enter the business.

“We rolled it out when the pandemic first started in March,” Patros said. “We’ve installed 90 or so at schools and cultivation centers. We still have about a dozen in stock. We’ve back ordered more, but don’t expect to receive them for six weeks. Anyone that wants one now must contact us right away.”

The monitor can take a visitor’s temperature from his or her forehead or palm. Securatech sells the monitor for $3,500 installed.

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