ANN ARBOR – Eran Bashan, CEO of Hygieia, explains how his d-Nav program takes the guesswork out of insulin dosing for people who inject daily. It automates insulin dose prescribing using AI and patented technology in an FDA-cleared mobile app.

The program includes clinical care support either virtually, or in a Hygieia clinic. The app works by tracking and analyzing each patient’s blood glucose patterns and, based on those patterns, automatically determining how much insulin is needed at the time of injection.

How Does the d‑Nav® Insulin Management Program Work?

Our goal is to help you unleash the power of insulin for managing your diabetes without disrupting your lifestyle.

Your path begins with a virtual or in-person set-up appointment where we will measure your A1C and give you our easy‑to‑use, patented tool which will be customized to your individual needs.

From that point forward, d-Nav® will guide you before every injection taking the guesswork out of managing your insulin dosing.

We will mail your testing supplies out to you on a regular basis, free of charge.

We will support you. Our trained clinical staff will follow up with you regularly by phone to be sure you are able to use the service successfully and to answer any of your questions.

Twice a year, we will measure your A1C and celebrate your progress!

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