ANN ARBOR – Stephanie Sharp, CEO of 3DQue Systems, pivoted from 3D printing auto products to Personal Protection Equipment for Canadian first responders and healthcare workers. Her company’s wrinkle is they use software to craft these products in large quantities, rather than molds.

3DQue Systems Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada, produces automated digital manufacturing systems for in-house, on-demand mass production of high resolution plastic components.

3DQue’s first system, QPoD is able to continuously deliver parts 24/7 without the need for an operator to remove parts or reset printer – no tapes, glues, removable print beds, or robotics. The QPoD’s proprietary 12 sqft design allows it to fit in any facility plugging into a regular wall socket. This compact unit produces 100,000 small parts per year on-demand at costs that rival mid-volume injection molding.

3DQue is changing the way 3D printing is performed with innovative technology that delivers complex plastic parts at scale with speed, cost and quality not achievable with traditional 3D printing.