GRAND RAPIDS – Mobile/Wireless (connected) technologies today are being utilized by nearly every industry to increase productivity and profitability; and contrary to popular opinion, these technologies are creating jobs in Michigan – LOTS OF THEM! To help facilitate this continued expansion into more industries, and the creation of a wide variety of jobs at all skill and education levels, the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) has recently gone live with a complete re-launch of the non-profit trade association’s website.

The new site has been designed to meet the organization’s objective for it to be a wide-ranging content and contact resource regarding mobile/wireless (connected) technologies to benefit stakeholders in all industries across the state that may need to access this information.

Melissa Birnie interviews Linda Daichendt, Executive Director/CEO, Mobile Technology Assn of Michigan; Co-founder, Mobile Monday Michigan to discuss the continuing explosive growth of connected technologies jobs in Michigan, the re-launched MTAM website and all the features and functions that have been added, and what we can expect the future impact of these technologies to be on Michigan’s economy going forward. 

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