GRAND RAPIDS – The automotive industry is rapidly changing, but is it in a way that consumers want. Michigan firm Jacobs Media has for years been doing research to find out, and their sister firm, jacAPPS, an app development firm (and MTAM member) puts that research to work in the apps it developers for its clients.

Jacobs Media’s annual research looks at consumer reactions to connected vehicles, their preferences for features, and their interest in the direction the industry is heading. Jacobs Media & jacAPPS principals then present this information at various conferences throughout the year while jacAPPS incorporates this knowledge into their work.  Jacobs Media also works with some of the nation’s industry media measurement organizations to assist them with research, and can often report on those results as well.

Melissa Birnie interviewed  Paul Jacobs, President of jacAPPS, and  one of MTAM’s earliest and longest-term members, in a discussion of their recent consumer research. 

If you are interested in what consumer wants in a car in the future, what technology are impacting the broadcast industry, this show is for you. Click on