DETROIT —DeepHow, an AI-powered, video training platform for the skilled workforce, announced the release of AI Quizzing, which redefines the learning and development landscape by offering real-time assessments generated from training video content. Leveraging advanced generative AI technology, this feature ensures personalized learning experiences while continuously verifying employees’ skills.
“AI Quizzing accelerates the creation of high-quality, personalized quizzes and assessments, ensuring effective knowledge retention,” says Sam Zheng, CEO of DeepHow. “Our solutions are empirically validated and crafted in collaboration with leading experts in the manufacturing sector, focusing on the unique needs of mid to large-size companies. This approach guarantees that our training programs meet the highest standards of relevance and effectiveness in industrial environments.”
AI Quizzing takes training to the next level by empowering leaders to assess employees’ understanding and retention of training material. This allows them to accurately gauge readiness for skill advancement and increased responsibilities. AI Quizzing fosters a more competent workforce, equipped to tackle complex challenges with up-to-date knowledge and skills, which in turn reduces training costs, decreases onboarding time, and minimizes temporary employee attrition.
One business process owner and lead trainer at a Fortune 500 food & beverage organization shared their recent user experience: “DeepHow’s AI generated quizzes quickly craft questions, painting a picture for the intended user on key aspects of the covered process. I’ve worked in the industry for over 25 years, and this generative AI quiz feature can generate better questions in minutes than I ever could…AI quizzing gives an efficient and effective way to validate the viewer understands the procedures in the training video.”
Today, the majority of generative AI applications are geared towards white-collar or desk-based jobs. AI Quizzing stands out as one of the first applications built explicitly for skilled workers. The feature is designed to help employers train and retain their workforce, addressing the prevalent skills gap challenge that all organizations are facing in the present market.
Additional benefits of AI Quizzing: 
  • Reinforcement of Learning: Users may utilize the quizzing feature to reinforce their understanding of the content covered in the training video.
  • Self-Assessment and Feedback: Quizzes offer users an opportunity for self-assessment, allowing them to gauge their comprehension and identify areas where they may need further review or clarification.
  • Active Participation and Engagement: Quizzing encourages active participation and engagement with the training material, as users are prompted to recall information, apply concepts, and solve problems.
  • Knowledge Check and Progress Tracking: Users may use the quizzing feature to assess their progress and evaluate their mastery of the training content over time.
AI Quizzing is available now in DeepHow. To learn more and get started, visit: