GRAND RAPIDS – Michigan-based companies HealthBar and BAMF Health announced their partnership in which they will be providing concierge healthcare services to patients who travel to BAMF’s Grand Rapids location for their treatment. The partnership will provide “white glove” nursing services for patients around their care schedules including transportation to and from appointments.

BAMF Health is actualizing Intelligence-Based Precision Medicine through Artificial Intelligence enabled Molecular Imaging and Molecular Targeted Radiation Therapy. The company’s flagship location opened inside Michigan State University’s Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building in August 2022 and includes the world’s most advanced cyclotron-equipped radiopharmacy, molecular imaging clinic, and molecular therapy clinic combined in one location.

HealthBar helps people live healthier lives by providing nurse-driven healthcare services for school districts and businesses through onsite, concierge, and telehealth-based services.  School nurse programs help ensure students are better able to manage ongoing health issues on a cost-efficient basis.  HealthBar also offers onsite services to help employees and their families better manage their preventative health care routines and manage chronic conditions.

With this new partnership, HealthBar will offer patients concierge clinical support as well as transportation services while they are in town for treatments. These services include:

  • Providing roundtrip non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services
  • Transportation included would cover a roundtrip to and from BAMF Health and other appointments
  • Concierge nursing services delivered to the patient at their place of residence/hotel as well as telehealth support and phone triage services

The partnership will deliver a true clinical concierge, “white glove” service for BAMF Health patients and their families.

“HealthBar and BAMF Health share a vision of making it easier for patients to receive high quality healthcare,” said Nathan Baar, HealthBar founder and CEO. “BAMF is achieving this goal through their Intelligence-Based Precision Medicine platform and HealthBar is doing so through our on-demand, highly accessible, and completely customizable, healthcare services that are designed to help people live healthier lives.”

Added Dr. Jeremiah Johns, Vice President of Medical Affairs for BAMF Health: “BAMF Health is focused on making life-changing advances in diagnostic imaging and cancer therapies accessible to everyone. Along with providing these advanced therapies, we are also focused on providing a patient experience that is second to none. Our partnership with HealthBar and their concierge nursing services truly is the best of both worlds for our patients and their families.”