DETROIT – The legalization of recreational marijuana by Michigan voters last November created a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to build legitimate businesses in cannabis products and services. On April 29, a group of these entrepreneurs will offer advice on how anyone can get involved in the New Business of Cannabis In Michigan.

A panel discussion will be held starting at 2 pm during IoT Tech Connect ( in the iMax Theater moderated by Dan Keelan, Publisher of the Michigan Marijuana Report.

Panelists include Anthony Sabatella, President, THC123, a Cannabis staffing company. Sabatella has 4000 names in his employment directory.

Michael Thue, Great Lakes Hemp Supplements, which provides cannabis products as medicine in a vast variety of alternative forms including GI Tube, Vaporization, Topical use and more.

Michelle Donovan, a Butzel Long attorney, whose specialization is Marijuana Law.

Hong Lu, Grow House Supply, which offers grow operations specialized lighting.

You can view the entire program at 

THC123 is offering a special discount code that cuts the full-day price to just $80. Enter the amount of tickets you want at the full price ($125), click to the shopping cart and enter the coupon code grpdisc2019 and the ticket price falls to $80. You can buy as many tickets as you like at this price.

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