DETROIT – LIFT is offering CNC Operations Technician and Welding Operations Technician programs starting September 14 to both men and women over the age of 18, or under 16 if working towards a diploma. No experience required and financial assistance is available.

“This is part of our mission, plus we want to spur innovative and bring new technology into commercialization,” said Joe Steele, Director of Communications For LIFT.

“Expanding the talent pool is part of what we do,” he said. “We want to train people to fill some 21,000 openings in advanced manufacturing in Michigan. This training will be even more critical now as we come out of the pandemic where people have been laid off, or the business they worked for will not reopen its doors. LIFT provides the opportunity to learn a new skill.”

The 300 hours of training will be done in-person, but with COVID-19 safety protocols in place, Steele said. The courses run from September through January 2021. Tuition assistance will be available through Michigan Works.

To register for either hands-on educational programs, community members should visit