Drones Law Pro Update: You Must Register Your Hobby Drone Or Face Big Fines

Drones Law Pro Update: You Must Register Your Hobby Drone Or Face Big Fines

ROYAL OAK – Drone Law Pro Enrico Schaefer updates what’s happening with drones – also called quadcopters – with federal legislation. The commercial market has solidified – part 107 rules – that mandate what you can and cannot do with commercial drones. The Federal Aviation Administration reversed its previous rule change and now again requires hobbyist to register their drones. The cost is $5.

Schaefer also talks about all the new technology baked into drones that even includes Artificial Intelligence, where true automation is developing quickly. Big data also has come to the drone space.

If you’re interested in flying drones, either commercial or as a hobby, you’re going to want to listen to what Enrico has to say. You can do so at https://soundcloud.com/podcastdetroit/m2techcast-episode-110-drone-law

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About the Author:

Enrico Schaefer, Esq. is a UAS pilot and technology lawyer at www.traverselegal.com and www.dronelaw.pro. He has been a UAS enthusiast for years, and has completed a number of advanced UAS classes in the UAS program at Northwestern Michigan College. Enrico is considered one of the top Section 333 and UAV attorneys in the country, representing Fortune 100 and start-up companies on drone law and Section 333 issues. He is the author of many articles concerning FAA drone regulations, Section 333 exemptions and FAA compliance, many of which can be found here at DroneLaw.pro. Enrico has been a speaker at the International Drone Conference on its insurance panel and has had numerous media appearances ranging from MITech News, Robotics Business Review, Internet Advisor Podcast and The Steve Gruber Show (1240 WJIM Radio), WJR Radio (Detroit), DroneLife.com and “That Drone Show.”

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