OWOSSO – Baker College has received a $25 million grant from EON Reality to launch a virtual Innovation Center across all Baker campuses, programs and learning modalities.

Baker College will launch its first phase of the Innovation Center and EON Reality platform in fall 2021.  The EON Reality platform, known as EON-XR, is accessible through a free app available on all mobile devices, laptops and PCs, and will offer students the opportunity to experience real-world, immersive learning environments through Extended and Augmented Reality (XR) technology.

With XR, student courses can include virtual visits to locations around the world, as well as the ability to manipulate 3D objects.  Students will be able to virtually take apart, examine and rebuild almost anything, from a computer motherboard to a car engine to a human heart.  XR lessons also will offer opportunities to project on-screen items into real world environments, use x-ray vision to see inside objects and engage with a live labeling function to help students better learn and understand complex concepts.

In a benefit to the community-at-large, all of the XR curriculum developed over the next five years by Baker College in partnership with EON Reality, will be available and accessible to anyone with the free EON-XR app.

Phase one of Baker’s EON-XR roll-out will initially impact about 6,000 course seats, with XR immersive learning available to students across Baker College’s health sciences and information technology degree programs, as well as several general education classes.  Eventually, extended and augmented reality experiences will be used in every Baker College degree program, and growth plans include expanding into the use of Virtual Reality, with students using VR goggles to enhance learning.

Baker College was selected as a partner of choice by EON Reality for the company’s $25 million, five-year grant after an extensive assessment of the College’s curriculum design, faculty readiness and online learning expertise.  The grant will provide Baker with free access to all of EON Reality’s technology and services related to a five-year roll-out of the EON-XR platform.