Software Lab, THC123 Workers, High School Coders, RSA Cybersecurity Horror Stories

ROYAL OAK - A 3000 square foot collaboration hub for the local software community is coming to downtown Detroit. Jacob Evan Smith, Partnership Manager from Altimetrik, explains. THC123 has more than 4,000 Marijuana business workers in its database. President Anthony Sabetalla shares details. AccelerateKID hopes to provide coding training to 75 high school students during IoT TechConnect

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Smart Bracket AI App – Crush Your Office NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket

ROYAL OAK - Supported Intelligence, an East Lansing based Artificial Intelligence software developer, has again produced its "Smart Bracket" app that helps basketball enthusiasts crush the NCAA College Tournament office brackets...like scoring in the 97 percentile. CEO Patrick Anderson explain how in this episode of M2 TechCast. Patrick Anderson To purchase the Smart Bracket app,

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Global Auto Mobility Challenge Finalists To Compete At SAE World Congress

ROYAL OAK - David Stout with the Global Auto Mobility Innovation Challenge talks about the 12 Finalists that will compete in April at the Society of Automotive Engineers Conference at Cobo Center. The winning teams will receive a total of over $300,000 of in-kind assistance and cash as well as receive exposure to senior executives

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Lawrence Tech University’s Robofest Explained By Coordinator Palonis

ROYAL OAK - Lawrence Technological University's Shannan Palonis is the Coordinator of Robofest, a robotic competition for middle and high school students. LTU hosts the world finals in May. Scholarships are available for students who want to compete in the contest and attend LTU. More at https://robofest.net/ Shannon Palonis To listen, click on  https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e163-ltus-robofest

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Red Level Group CEO King Explains Acquisition Of C/D/H

ROYAL OAK - Red Level Group co-founder and CEO David King explains why his Microsoft Managed Service Provider purchased Grand Rapids-based C/D/H and what the combined companies will offer businesses. He also invites everyone to attend open houses in Novi on March 13 and Grand Rapids on March 14. More at redlevelgroup.com/ David King To listen,

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Bracket Buster, GAMIC Finalists, Red Level And C/D/H, LTU’s Robofest

ROYAL OAK – Patrick Anderson, CEO of Supported Intelligence, will announce his Bracket Challenge is open for anyone who wants to crush their NCAA Basketball office bracket. David Stout will list the finalists for the Global Auto Mobility Innovation Challenge. Shannan Palonis, Robofest coordinator at Lawrence Technological University, will announce the Robofest World Championships will be

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Plex Systems Murray Details 4th Annual Manufacturing Report – IIoT Taking Off

ROYAL OAK - Richard Murray, chief product officer for Plex Systems, provides a deep dive into the 4th annual Manufacturing Report published in February by Plex, an Industrial Internet of Things company based in Southeast Michigan. Richard Murray  To hear the full story, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e160-plex-richard-murray-talks-manufacturing-report Full details at mitechnews.com/sbam/plex-report-…ternet-of-things/

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Cybersecurity Expert Lohrmann – Not Enough Companies, Governments Take Cybersecurity Seriously

ROYAL OAK - Believe it or not, a lot of businesses and government entities are not taking cybersecurity seriously enough, says cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann of Security Mentor. While not a majority, these nay sayers are a large minority of the total business and government universe. What do these attitudes mean for your business and

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Cybernoor Success Story Citi Group – Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services Expert

ROYAL OAK - Gail Bernard, Cybernoor marketing and sales manager for the Americas, returns on M2 Techcast to talk about Citi Group, a customer success story. She also outlines value proposition for customers in the MSP's Lift and Shift to Cloud plus System Reviews and Readiness Assessments. Cybernoor specializes in Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon Web

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Gina Adams – Disability Friendly Magnetic Buttons

DETROIT - The simple act of dressing oneself for one out of six people is a daily struggle. Enter magnetic buttons. Founder Gina Adams joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan on M2 TechCast to explain how the Buttons 2 Button team developed a patent-pending, no-sew, adapter set that convert traditional shirts into magnetic closures to

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