COVID-19 Update: How To Find C-Level Job, How Pandemic Changed Real Estate, How To Test Employees

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV June 1, at 2 pm Gary Erickson from Executive Search Partners will talk about how C-level tech executives can find new jobs during the pandemic. At 2:15 - Kelly Robinson a Senior Real Estate Broker in New York City will discuss how Covid-19 has impacted the real estate industry

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MITech TV: Healthcare Innovation, AI For Vaccine Development, Sanitation Pods, Reopening America

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV May 18, Nathan Keiretsu, from Keiretsu Capital, describes the innovations in healthcare his company is funding. Andrew Satz, co-founder and CEO, talks about using Artificial Intelligence to speed vaccine development. Cailin Greene from Sanitation Pod working with Children in COVID times. Fred Brown, our infectious disease expert, updates what

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MITechTV: Branding And Film Making During Pandemic, U-M Tech Transfer, COVID-19 Risk Prediction App

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV today, Publicist Karrin Black talks about keeping your brand top-of-mind during the pandemic. Film writer Jeff Gross will discuss the changing landscape of film during our COVID-19 times. U-M Software Licensing Director Drew Bennett provides details on working with makers on 3D printed face shields. Infectious Disease Expert Fred

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LTU Making PPEs, Footwear Sanitizers, Masks And GLOW Program, Opening America

ANN ARBOR – Dan Randomski, Director of the Lawrence Technological University Centrepolis Accelerator, talks about the PPE supplies made there. John Bolte, CEO of Patho3gen Solutions, describes his footwear sanitizing stations to block COVID-19. Vineet Katial, Managing Partner of Sky7Ventures, and daughter will speak to innovated Mask solutions with International Rotary's GLOW program. Fred Brown,

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Battling Coronavirus: PPEs, On-Site Mobile Clinics, Skilled Labor Brigade, Reopening America

ANN ARBOR - Battling the coronavirus continues to be the theme this week for MITech TV live on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/M2Podcast Starting at 2 pm Mike Brennan and Matt Roush interview John Tipton from the Global Center for Medical Innovation in Atlanta, part of Georgia Tech University. And his colleague Dr. Emily Blunt. They will discuss

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Cyber Patriot Camps, COVID-19 Test Tracking and Contact Tracing Apps, Disease Updates

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV April 20, Tamara Shoemaker of the University of Detroit Mercy updates the Cyber Patriot summer camp program. Russell Schindler of Sample Serve describes his smart phone app used to track coronavirus test samples. Tarun Nimmagadda of CoronaTrace explains his mobile app that notifies people if they were in close

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MITech TV: Business Financing, 3D Printed Face Shields, Medical Device Developer, COVID-19 Update

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV April 13, Financing expert Bob Moore returns to talk about ways businesses can find funding during the pandemic. Inventors Darrin and Dalton Luedke are using a 3D printer to make plastic face shields for healthcare providers.  Medical device developer Gene Parunak from in2being discusses his weekly video conference with

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MITech TV: LTU Online Learning, STEAM Leadership Alliance, Mental Health During Lock Down, COVID-19 Mitigation Steps

ANN ARBOR - Lynn Miller-Wietecha, Ph.D., Director, E-Learning Services at Lawrence Technological University describes what LTU learned so far from emergency remote teaching. Kelli List Wells from the STEAM Leadership Alliance provides examples of integrated STEAM occurring in New York City. Eric Hipple, former Detroit Lions quarterback, Mental Health and effects in lock down. Fred Brown,

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Streaming MITech TV: Social Media Ads, Hospital Gown Pivot, When Will Lock-Downs Ease?

ANN ARBOR - MITech TV is going virtual today to do the show online only. At 2 pm Melih Oztalay from Smart Finds Marketing will explain why businesses need to advertise during the coronavirus pandemic and how they can use relationship marketing to pull it off. At 2:15 Shannon O’Hara, a fashion tailor in New

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Google Branding, COVID-19 Testing App, Curbside Cannabis Delivery, Coronavirus Mitigation Scorecard

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV March 23, Justin Thomas from Google will explain how to get your brand to stand out on the Internet. Russell Schindler from SampleServe will discuss his test sample app that can now provide chain of custody for COVID-19 health professionals. Penny Milkey from Northern Specialty Health will report on

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