DETROIT – We’re only starting to get to grips with the benefits of artificial intelligence in modern vehicles now. Recently, Hyundai announced new AI-based voice recognition technology for the 2021 Elantra that can learn the driver’s habits, improving interaction with the system. Chrysler and Jeep vehicles are set to use a similar system called Alexa Custom Assistant.

But AI’s benefits extend well beyond the vehicle and the driver; the tech also has advantages in automotive factories and on the business side as well. Volkswagen is digging deeper into this with its new AI Detroit unit, a research and development unit with its home in the Motor City.

Daniel Weimer heads up the AI Detroit unit and his team of software engineers and machine learning specialists are tasked with uncovering and applying breakthroughs in AI. As an example of how the technology can benefit workers, an AI-based scheduling tool can help to effectively juggle the various shifts and skillsets of the 2,000 workers at the brand’s Chattanooga plant, where the new ID.4 electric crossover will be built.

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