DETROIT – ConnectDER makes a widget that taps directly into your home’s electrical meterand can be installed in seconds without the need to splurge for electrical service upgrades. Their partnership with Siemens promises an all-in-one charging solution for EVs that installs in less than 15 minutes.

ConnectDER is a Virginia-based company that has developed a solution so easy that all of us EV engineers are kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first. The ConnectDER collar sits between your home’s energy meter and the meter socket outside your home.

The collar provides a new tap into your home’s electric service line that doesn’t require going through your breaker panel. You can then plug almost anything into it — the first adopters have been solar installers. ConnectDER has been at this for nearly a decade with thousands of units already in service.

The average home EV “charger” isn’t actually a charger. The actual charger is already built into your electric car.

The home EV “charger” is actually an EVSE or “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.” An EVSE is really just a smart switch that connects the car to the grid.

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