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Toyota’s Acquisition Of Lyft’s Self-Driving Unit Bolsters Automation Ambitions

DETROIT - Toyota Motor Corp will acquire Lyft Inc's self-driving technology unit for $550 million, the companies said Tuesday, as the Japanese auto company steps up its automation ambitions with the newly created Woven Planet division. The acquisition of Level 5 automation will also provide Toyota access to the U.S. ride-hailing firm's more than 300

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Trump Signs Order To Bolster U.S. Cybersecurity, Protect Critical Infrastructure

WASHINGTON DC - President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday to bolster the government's cyber security and protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, marking his first significant action to address what he has called a top priority. The order seeks to improve the often-maligned network security of U.S. government agencies, from which foreign

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China Passes New Cybersecurity Bill Providing Severe Implications For Chinese, International Companies

BEIJING, China - China on Monday passed a new cybersecurity bill that may have severe implications for both Chinese internet users and international tech companies doing business in China. These new measures will come into effect June 2017. On the privacy front, the final draft of the bill stated that "critical information infrastructure operators" -

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Laptop In Wreckage Of Tesla Autopilot Car: Florida Investigators

CANTON, Ohio - Investigators found a laptop computer in the Tesla Model S sedan involved in a fatal crash in May while running on autopilot, Florida investigators said on Thursday, leaving it unclear whether the driver was distracted at the time. Neither the laptop nor a DVD player also found in the vehicle was running

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‘Mock Them For The Idiots They Are’ – Anonymous Plans ‘Trolling Day’ Against ISIS

PARIS - In its latest move against ISIS, hacktivist group Anonymous is asking its supporters to take part in a “trolling day” against the group. The call to action is part of the collective's 'Operation ISIS' campaign, which was launched after the Paris attacks. Anonymous is calling on internet users to mock Islamic State (IS,

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Report: Ilitch To Invest $40 Million To Build WSU Business School

DETROIT – A $40 million Wayne State University business school named after Little Ceasar Pizza co-founder Mike Ilitch will be built near the new Red Wings arena, the Detroit News reported Wednesday. The official announcement is expected Friday. A source familiar with the plan told the Detroit News the new Mike Ilitch School of Business

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U.S. Senate Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Legislation

WASHINGTON DC - The U.S. Senate easily passed legislation on Tuesday aimed at bolstering the country's cyber defenses, advancing the first serious attempt in Congress to combat computer hacks that have hit a growing number of businesses and government agencies in recent years. The bill, which would expand liability protections to companies that choose to

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