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Enrico Schaefer, Esq. is a UAS pilot and technology lawyer at www.traverselegal.com and www.dronelaw.pro. He has been a UAS enthusiast for years, and has completed a number of advanced UAS classes in the UAS program at Northwestern Michigan College. Enrico is considered one of the top Section 333 and UAV attorneys in the country, representing Fortune 100 and start-up companies on drone law and Section 333 issues. He is the author of many articles concerning FAA drone regulations, Section 333 exemptions and FAA compliance, many of which can be found here at DroneLaw.pro. Enrico has been a speaker at the International Drone Conference on its insurance panel and has had numerous media appearances ranging from MITech News, Robotics Business Review, Internet Advisor Podcast and The Steve Gruber Show (1240 WJIM Radio), WJR Radio (Detroit), DroneLife.com and “That Drone Show.”

Thinking Of Buying A Drone For Xmas? Listen To Drone Law Pro Schaefer Explain The FAA Rules

ROYAL OAK - Drone Law Pro Enrico Schaefer updates the M2 TechCast audience by discussing how a student in Philadelphia flying his drone nearly flew into the path of a police helicopter that was observing a Trump rally. The pilot was flying at night and beyond his line of sight - both against FAA rules.

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M2 TechCast: Want To Become A Licensed Drone Pilot? Enrico Schaefer Tells You How

ROYAL OAK - DroneLaw.Pro Attorney Enrico Schaefer said the FAA expects 600,000 licensed drone pilots to take to the skies over the next 12 months. On Aug. 29 the FAA created a remote pilot certificate. Over the past couple of months tens of thousands of people have been taking the knowledge test to get a

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How Does Part 107 Affect My Section 333 Exemption?

TRAVERSE CITY - The FAA announced Tuesday that it has finalized Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, governing sUAS / UAV Operations.  Learn how Part 107 affects your Section 333 exemption, whether your exemption has been granted by the FAA or is still pending. The department of transportation through the FAA has finalized its Part 107 rules – its rules

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FAA Fines Drone Operators And Pilots For Unlawful UAV Flights

TRAVERSE CITY - Wondering if the FAA will fine you if you fly your UAV / drone illegally, in violation of the regulations or without a Section 333? The answer is a resounding “YES.” While thousands of drone operators have received cease and desist letters for flying their drone reckless, without a Section 333 or

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Drone Law Pro Provides Update To The New FAA Section 333 Exemption

TRAVERSE CITY - In early March, 2016, the FAA started issuing a new version of the Section 333 Exemption which provides for authorization to fly any approved aircraft/ drone/ UAV and provides more flexibility in flying near people who are part of the purpose of your flight operations.  If you have an old version of

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FAA Requires Notice & Permission To Fly Over or Near Private Property

TRAVERSE CITY - Dronelaw.Pro is offering a flyover package for drone operators to keep them from violating very strict Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Purchase all four legal documents obtaining permission to fly over, or near, neighboring property, structures and vehicles. For further information, click on https://www.dronelaw.pro/faa-section-333-exemption-requires-notice-permission/

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M2 TechCast: Drone Law Pro Enrico Schaefer – New FAA Regs Could Exempt Drones Under 4.4 Pounds

FERNDALE - Drone Law Pro Enrico Schaefer outlines new rules proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration, called Part 107, that would exempt drones under 4.4 pounds from FAA regulations. About 60 percent of all drones in use now in the United States are under that weight. The other issue, points out cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon,

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Field Preemption: FAA Regulations Trump State, Local Drone Laws

TRAVERSE CITY - Can states and local authorities regulate drones? In this episode of Drone Law Radio, Sarah Nillson and Enrico Schaefer discuss the FAA Fact Sheet on federal preemption, state and local drone laws, private property rights above the ground and other hot topics. Those topics include: The December 17, 2015 FAA Fact Sheet seeks

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Drones – Love them – Hate them – FAA Says They Are Here to Stay

TRAVERSE CITY - The drones are here!  How long will our fears of drones last? From agricultural inspection of crops to search and rescue; from drone delivery to real estate; from TV and film to industrial inspection - drones are becoming quickly part of our national consciousness. We not only are seeing drones flying in

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