DETROIT – Noble Child has partnered with Salesforce to launch an original cloud-based platform (As-A-Service) to meet the growing needs of the child welfare industry.

Noble Child addresses visibility, data management and loss and reporting issues, while leveraging technology that is interconnected and user-friendly.

“We identified the lack of a fully-integrated cloud-based IT system as a barrier to long-term success for these types of organizations,” said President and CEO, Matthew Wollack.“

Our initial goal was to look for solutions to transform technology systems that would improve the quality and treatment in the child welfare system. After collaborating with Salesforce and Torrent Consulting, we expanded the system so that it can be applied across the entire human services industry and revolutionize the way agencies operate.”

The innovative platform offers seven applications to fit the agencies needs and are as followed:

  • Noble Foster Care: Provides complete case management for clients and care provider households including data management, reporting, auditing and compliance.
  • Noble Residential Care: Offers complete data management, reporting, auditing and compliance capabilities, and supports more efficient operations, higher visibility and more positive outcomes for children.
  • Noble 360 Care: Noble Foster Care and Noble Residential Care combined in a single application.
  • Noble Intake & Referrals: Streamlines the processes of an organization’s intake, clinical and administrative teams. Captures all mental, social, educational, judicial and placement history.
  • Noble Recruitment & Licensing: Ability to recruit and license more Care Providers by tracking the provider’s progress through the entire recruitment and licensing process, automatically documenting communications; email, text and calls.
  • Noble Attendance Tool: Track and take real-time attendance for programming, training, classes, meals and more. Point and touch record keeping can be done onsite via tablets and mobile devices.
  • Noble Employee & Asset Management: Gives administrative staff insight into important employee trainings and certifications, and physical management assets.

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