Dematic Sells Nypro Automatic Guided Vehicle System For Pharma Manufacturing

Dematic Sells Nypro Automatic Guided Vehicle System For Pharma Manufacturing

GRAND RAPIDS – Automated supply chain software marker Dematic has landed a new client, Nypro, which provides design and manufacturing services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Nypro has selected Dematic’s Automatic Guided Vehicle system for the company’s manufacturing facility in Gurnee, Illinois, near Chicago.

The AGV system will transport raw materials packaging to manufacturing staging areas. From manufacturing, the AGV system will transport the finished goods from the clean room pickup areas to deep lane storage in their new warehouse.

To further enhance the safety of employees, the AGV system will also feature an aisle cop crossing system to keep pedestrian traffic away from the AGV system while the AGV travels across pedestrian crossways. Integration with the facility’s fire alarm system will stop AGV movement if fire alarms go off, eliminating interference with people leaving the facility.

“We were looking for a supplier with a complete digital and physical solution to support our facility architecture today and in the future,” said Daren Tarczynski, supply chain manager at Nypro. “Dematic’s ability to develop the right solution for our needs, from a mechanical perspective, and interface with our existing systems made them the right choice for us.”

The system is expected to be operational in spring of 2018.


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