Comcast Offers xFIPods To Spread WiFI Coverage Throughout The Home

Comcast Offers xFIPods To Spread WiFI Coverage Throughout The Home

DETROIT  – Comcast on Tuesday  announced the national availability of xFi Pods, small adaptive pods that plug into any electrical outlet, pair with either the xFi Wireless Gateway or the xFi Advanced Gateway, and help customers extend reliable WiFi coverage to hard to reach areas of their home.

“Our gateway devices are incredibly powerful, but we know that some homes have a unique layout or are constructed of materials that can disrupt WiFi coverage in some rooms,” said Eric Schaefer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Broadband, Automation and Communications, Comcast Cable.  “WiFi is the oxygen for the digital home and our xFi Pods can blanket a home with great coverage and are simple to install and easy to use.”

xFi Pods work with the xFi Gateways to continuously monitor and optimize WiFi connections to each device.  Powered by a cloud-based, remote management platform, xFi Pods evaluate the WiFi environment to ensure devices are using the ideal bands and WiFi channel.  In addition, xFi Pods self-monitor their performance, and can “heal” themselves to deliver the best WiFi experience for each device.

The hexagon-shaped, xFi Pods are sold either in three-packs for $119, or in six-packs for $199, plus shipping and handling.  They can be purchased online at, from the xFi app, and in select Xfinity retail stores.  Later this year, Comcast plans to introduce a monthly payment plan option to purchase xFi Pods.

The national availability of xFi Pods follows last year’s successful launch of the Xfinity xFi platform, which gives customers a simple, digital dashboard to set up and manage their home WiFi networks.  xFi is packed with user-friendly features like: being able to quickly find the home’s WiFi password, see what devices are connected to the network, set parental controls, get notifications about activities on the home network, and even pause WiFi access to certain devices during dinner or bedtime.

To add xFi Pods, customers simply need to download the xFi mobile app (for iOS and Android) and follow the prompts.  Once set up is complete, customers can view the connection status of all Pods, see how WiFi devices are connecting (either through a Pod or directly to the Gateway), and continue to monitor all WiFi devices right from the xFi mobile app.  For more details about the set-up process, visit


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