HANOI, VIETNAM – VinFast has launched three new self-driving electric SUV models that use Artificial Intelligence including many smart features, marking a milestone along the Southeast Asian companies goal of becoming a global smart electric vehicle company. 

After three  years in operation, VinFast has developed VF31, VF32, VF33, SUVs multi-purpose vehicles, with high-chassis design, capable of steering and self-driving assistance and equipped with safety and intelligence features.

In particular, the VF31 is a mid-sized SUV/C-segment with basic self-driving and steering assistance features such as lane departure warning, blind spot warning, vehicle cross-section warning when reversing, vehicle warning from behind when opening. door, reverse camera, 360 camera, front-back parking assist sensor, automatic headlight. 

VF32 (mid-size SUV/D-segment) and VF33 (full-size SUV/E-segment) own self-driving level of 2-3, with 30 intelligent features divided into 7 groups including: driver assistance, lane control, speed control, scene collision warning and mitigation, parking assistance and driver monitoring. This is among the few vehicles in the world, which reach level 3 autopilot capability, affirming VinFast’s R&D capacity and ability to deploy high-class, pioneering products.

In particular, the full-option versions of VF33, VF32 and VF31 own high-performance sensor systems including LiDAR sensors; 14 cameras are capable of detecting objects up to 687m away; 19 360-degree sensors allow warning and handling at high speeds (above 100km/h). 

The self-driving system controlled by the Orin-X chip can process up to 200 GB of data per second, allowing control and navigation up to eight times faster than current generations. In addition, the full-option versions of all 3 models are equipped with some level 4 autopilot features such as automatic 3-dimensional map setting (first and only in the market), auto-detect parking slot and auto-parking; summoning vehicles… with the ability to connect with the transport system and smart cities, bringing comfort, safety and high-class experience to the users.

In addition to autopilot features – with the “customer-centric” philosophy – VinFast specially invests in smart features (virtual cockpit) with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence technology (AI), deep learning (Deep Learning), facial recognition, multi-lingual virtual assistant, etc. The above features not only open up a space for enjoyment, but also fully customizable to personalize the vehicle according to the characteristics and usage habits of the owner. This is an outstanding difference that VinFast focuses on accelerating user experience, creating every most valuable moment, only available in VinFast electric cars. 

In terms of safety, all 3 models meet the world’s highest safety standards such as NHTSA 5*, Euro NCAP 5* with automatic detection, warning and notification systems to medical centers when users have accident. The batteries are arranged under the floor of the car, with heat resistance from 40 0 C to 80 0 C to ensure absolute safety when driving. In addition, all vehicles have automatic updating software and detecting faults and contacting service stations.