SUTTER BUTTES, Ca – A hang-glider was filming the take-off of another glider near Sutter Buttes, California when he accidentally caught the footage of a lifetime. A small, dark, round object whizzes by so close it nearly hits him. It’s only a blur in real-time but slowed down and paused it reveals a strange shape like a ball but with four pinched-off corners almost like a wonton that rests on what looks like a round disk.

Some speculate it might have been a balloon, but that old tried and terrible explanation is clearly not accurate. The object simply has too much weight and speed to be a balloon. It’s not the only Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon to zip past somebody’s camera phone, as another recent incident seemed to show military jets chasing a larger sphere that sped past a motorcyclist. Yet another man found a strange metal ball in his yard that seemed to have plummeted from the sky and was partially crusted with ice.

More astonishingly, the Russian government has made claims to have shot down one of these “ball UFOs” in the beginning of 2023. Video of an object being shot down was provided but no proof or further information was forthcoming.

While many are skeptical of any claims coming from the Kremlin, the United States government has recently revealed that it has also been collecting data on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and declassified many documents and even some footage of unexplained events on which they are seeking more data.

To video the video images of the ball UFO, click on Examplore