LANSING – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the President’s chief medical advisor is on a crusade to get more folks vaccinated, so Michigan pollster Bernie Porn thought his recent polling numbers might add some fuel to that crusade.

He sent a letter to the good doctor showing that 70 percent of those surveyed in Michigan wanted to get the shot while 27 percent did not. Along with other particulars, Porn reported that 71 percent of the white and Black respondents said they would get the shot.

As it turns out, Fauci responded to Porn and noted that because of his duties with the Covid Virus Task force, “I cannot respond to every email I receive.”

Yet he went on to say that a CBS poll showed similar results to the Michigan data.

Porn also suggested that getting former President Donald Trump to embrace the shot program might help to move some of those reluctant Trump supporters to get in line. Shortly thereafter, not only did Dr. Fauci suggest that, but lo and behold Trump did just that.

So, while Porn is not taking any credit for all this, it remains possible that somehow the Michigan data had some impact on the national conversation.