LANSING – With all who are unemployed and those who are actively looking for a new job while working, jobs are not being filled.  There are a reported 9 million jobs available.  Economists are calling the new paradigm “The Great Job Mismatch.”  What is driving this trend?

The demand for jobs is rising because the economy has opened up fast.  Employers who laid off workers or terminated them during the pandemic were caught off guard by the fast-moving demand.  Think airlines.  Routes were eliminated and schedules reduced.  With the economy opening up, there is record air travel and not enough support at check in, gates, maintenance, and even staff in the airplanes (from flight attendants to pilots).  Airlines are scrambling.

Here in Detroit the change for the autos in terms of inventory really hit the tiers hard.  When the shutdown in March 2020 occurred, no production was going on and now the tiers are scrambling to catch up.  Most cannot find workers and are basically keeping up with headcount.

Yet there is still a wait and see attitude by many employers to see whether the current employment situation is simply short-term trend or will be the future of hiring.

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