LANSING- The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a health and safety bulletin Friday due to a voluntary marijuana recall.

According to MRA, several batches of marijuana were run through the mechanical trimmer of Michigan Medical Marijuana, LLC (AU-G-B-000128) DBA Glo prior to retesting for microbial failures. The agency said the mechanical trimmer was contaminated with banned chemical residues Bifenthrin and Chlorfenapyr.

The following batches were found to contain the chemical residues:

  • 1A405030001524C000000059
  • 1A405030001524C000000058
  • 1A405030001524C000000026
  • 1A405030001524C000000040
  • 1A405030001524C000000039
  • 1A405030001524C000000038
  • 1A405030001524C000000037
  • 1A405030001524C000000036

The agency said packages of bud, pre-packaged buds pre-rolls were all produced from batches containing the banned chemical residues.

All recalled products will have a label that indicates the license number of the marijuana business that sold the marijuana product as well as tag number assigned to the product in the statewide monitoring system.