DETROIT – Call of Duty Warzone is an excellent FPS game. It got released in March 2020. In this short time, this game has crossed millions of downloads worldwide. This game has amazing maps and an extensive choice of weapons. 

It makes this game so exciting for gamers. Today, we will look at how you can become better at sniping in this game. Sniping is a daunting task for inexperienced players, and you can also use it to improve your skills. You can also make use of to be better at snipping.

Find a Good Position

A good position while sniping is critical in any game. It gives you an edge over your enemy. Set your posts according to the zone and keep changing them as the area shrinks. Use elevations like buildings, hills, and towers to increase your field of view. 

When landing, try to land on top of the buildings. It will give you a concise view of your surroundings. You can target players running in the alleys. But keep an eye out for other snipers on the roofs. 

Do not stay distracted in making easy kills and ignore the threat. Your sniping journey will get cut short by anyone who thinks like you. When outdoors, look for foliage that can completely hide you. It will provide you with much-needed stealth in sniping.

Avoid Shooting While Driving

Vehicles bring excitement to the game. But, they also kill your accuracy. If you try to shoot and drive, you cannot land headshs. Traveling on foot is best for the snipers to stay stealthy and accurate. 

If you use a vehicle, it gives up your position to a nearby player. It makes you vulnerable to an enemy ambush. If the enemy manages to blow up your car, you will die in a blink. Always keep an SMG with you while carrying a sniper. It will help you in close quarters and speed shooting. 

Snipers may be deadly, but they are slow. They will not be best for every situation.

Choose Perfect Loadouts

There are a lot of sniper rifles available in the game. Each one of them has different characteristics. If you are new to sniping, try them all out to find a perfect fit. Please do not go with a sniper rifle only because it looks fantastic. 

Check the range, attachments, and scopes to perform better. Sniper rifles have a great deal of recoil, so do not get surprised by them. Instead, keep practicing the art of controlling a sniper rifle. 

Scope sensitivity is a critical point when choosing a sniper rifle. Change your settings according to your needs for better results.

Improve your Aim

You must have impeccable aim if you wish to use sniper rifles. You cannot have the luxury of spraying bullets like SMGs and ARs while using sniper rifles. Keep practicing to improve your hand-eye coordination to become proficient in shooting. 

Choose the settings and rifles that you can control. Do not copy anyone, or else you will get disappointed later. Never over-expose yourself while shooting; shoot through corners by peeking. When you open scopes, you do not have sight of your periphery. 

So before setting up your sniping position, make sure there are no enemies near you. Bullets do not drop on ranges in a warzone, so you don’t have to aim higher. Aim precisely at targets, and it will hit for sure.

Stay Camouflaged

This is the best thing you can do if you snip. Never stay in open spaces to search for targets. Move with the region of foliage and buildings to remain hidden. Also, do not wear colorful uniforms as they make you visible from great distances. 

Use dark-colored uniforms as they blend well with the surroundings of the game. Do not hang around buildings for long, as enemies can spot you without difficulty. Take cover behind rocks and trees to keep an element of surprise. 


Call of Duty Warzone has an excellent sniping environment. The surroundings of the game blend well with dark colors. You can wear dark to stay hidden, as stealth is critical to a sniper. 

Keep improving your aim with time to succeed as a sniper. Accurate aiming is a necessary tool for sniping. Keep an SMG or AR as a secondary weapon for close quarters. 

Use elevations to increase your field of view and effectiveness of shots. This game has no problem with bullets falling at ranges. You can aim at targets without worrying about any of them.

This article was supplied by Keith Dean.