ANN ARBOR – This month, we welcome Selam Ghirmai and Tony Garcia from the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office.

Ghirmai serves as the Director of the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office, with 10 years of experience working to provide a positive creative and business experience for local, out-of-state, independent, and studio productions in Michigan. She’s worked in various roles including building strategic partnerships and promotions to retain and grow film, digital media, and creative industries and talent in Michigan.

Garcia is a Promotional Specialist/Location Manager with the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office. Tony has a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Business from Michigan State University. He has 12 years of experience at the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office. Tony is determined to grow opportunities for Michigan filmmakers and make Michigan a hub for creative talent.

1.    Welcome, wait for late joiners, help newbies with Zoom & muting
2.    Introductions
3.    Michigan Film & Digital Media Office
4.    Video “Asks” – Open forum for those seeking help, resources, and advice for video projects, etc.
5.    Show and Tell – Videos created by and/or starring our members. Submit requests to show videos shorter than 5 minutes to [email protected].
6.    Next meeting info & adjournment

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The Zoom meeting link will be sent on the afternoon of March 8 to those that RSVP to the meeting.  

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Ann Arbor Video Interest Group (A2VIG) | A2VIG group on Facebook
March 8, 2021 | 7:30 – 9:00 pm <– NEW TIME for 2021!
Location: Zoom Video Conference
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