GRAND RAPIDS – Businesses create apps for a multitude of reasons; to establish their brand, increase visibility, remain competitive in the marketplace, showcase their product or service, engage consumers as well as provide easy on-line ordering or customer service. It sounds simple, but there are a lot of “parts” to consider and it can be a complex, time consuming and expensive process.

TechCrunch recently posted an article, “Why app development is going micro” that describes a new trend in app development (  It is an idea whose time has come. Instead of diving in head first and creating a full blown traditional app that may be cumbersome, or simply not what you need, micro apps allow for simpler solutions that focus on a specific function creating greater efficiencies and providing an ability to quickly pivot when necessary.

Melissa Birnie interviews Tim Wondergem, Application Development Consultant at Open Systems Technologies (OST), as they discuss apps and the article, “Why app development is going micro”.

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