ROYAL OAK – Vectorform co-founder Jason Vazzano talks about his digital transformation company in Royal Oak that works with Amazon, Walt Disney and other big players to help them innovate, another of the Tech248 Member interviews conducted by Irene Spanos with Oakland County government.

Vazzano’s company is a big player in the IoT (Internet of Things) market, where smart devices with sensors and Wi-Fi connections are transforming the home. Vazzano said Home Depot told him that the metro Detroit area is one of the leading purchasers of these smart home devices in the country. Autonomous Vehicles also fall into the IoT space. So are Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, other segments in which Vectorform is participating.

The description from the Vectorform website: “Vectorform is a platform designed to help organizations invent digital products and customer experiences. With nearly 20 years of tested experience, we help organizations define the future of their business and solve complex problems to build beyond an idea. We offer a specialized perspective that provides momentum for brand innovation and better customer experiences.”

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