QUEENSLAND, Australia – For tens of thousands of students globally, over the last two decades, a part of their education involved an open-source software toolkit known as the Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB. This started as a modest collection of tools to help me in my PhD research in the early 1990s. It leveraged MATLAB, at that time a relatively new product, which is a powerful mathematical software environment with great support for linear algebra and graphics.

The Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB added the specialized functions that you need for robotics such as wrangling homogeneous transformations, quaternions, and roll-pitch-yaw angles; as well as core robotics functionality like forward and inverse kinematics, Jacobians, dynamics and trajectories; as well as providing models of many common robots.

Over time it added capabilities for mobile robotics and machine vision, and after various re-factorings it exists today as three open-source toolboxes:

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