INGHAN COUNTY Ingham County is asking residents and businesses to take a 15-question survey about internet service at their households and locations.

The survey asks whether high-speed  internet service is available at a given address, and if so, at what speed and cost.

The goal is to gain a clearer picture of the connectivity in Ingham and support planning and possible broadband expansion efforts, including grant applications.

Over the past two years, the need for broadband has become more evident, with residents teleworking, students attending school online and patients meeting doctors virtually. The County Board of Commissioners knows many of our residents and businesses experience frustration over internet connectivity. In some areas, high-speed internet is unreliable or simply not available.

Home internet connectivity prior to the COVID-19 pandemic was viewed by many as a luxury. Now though, it is a necessity, similar to electricity and clean water. The Ingham County Commissioners recognize this and have committed a portion of the County’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to surveying  residents and businesses to identify gaps in internet service. To accomplish this, Ingham County is partnering with Merit Network to develop survey and marketing materials aimed at reaching all households in Ingham County.

Merit Network, a Michigan-based nonprofit, is conducting the service as part of its Michigan Moonshot initiative.

Visit to complete the brief survey. Paper surveys are available upon request by calling 517-676-7206.

ABOUT THE MICHIGAN MOONSHOT:  The Michigan Moonshot is a collective call to action which aims to bridge the digital divide in Michigan. Stakeholders include Merit Network, the nation’s longest-running research and education network, the Quello Center at Michigan State University and M-Lab, the largest open Internet measurement platform in the world. Learn more about the Michigan Moonshot at