Say it after me: just because we can’t personally identify every light in the sky does not make the light in the sky a UFO. Take this woman’s recording of strange lights in the sky over Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The video, which went viral on Twitter as well as other social media platforms after being posted in March, is of a woman cursing violently as she records a strange string of lights moving in slow formation at low altitude over the Montreal skyline.


Una persona capta desde su vivienda por dos veces un extraño objeto de forma aparentemente alargada (Estados Unidos) #Ovnis #Ufos #UAP #ufosighting #ufotiktok

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Widely publicized to be a UFO, it has to be said: this looks very little like a UFO. Though the crafts are moving in tight formation in the V-shape stereotypical of a certain type of UFO called a “black triangle” — these objects seem to be conventional aircraft.

And indeed, that is what they were. After the pictures went viral, it was revealed that these strange lights were nothing more than Bell CH-146 Griffon helicopters flying in formation in an exercise of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Which is what people told her in the comments section from the start, even though she insisted that there was “no base near here.” Except the RCAF regularly flies such missions from the base in St. Hubert to Ontario, and so this should not strike anyone as strange.

How have we reached a stage where we look up in the sky and when we see a line of lights, we say it’s a UFO rather than just a plane? Why do we get scared by lines of lights in the sky rather that do a simple Google search to reveal that they are StarLink satellites? What happened to our critical thinking skills?

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