A pair of peculiar incidents over the past few days saw airports in both Turkey and Taiwan shut down following sightings of a UFO in the vicinity.

The weirdness reportedly began early Saturday morning at Gaziantep Airport in Turkey when the pilot of a passenger plane arriving at the facility alerted air traffic controllers to an unidentified flying object that had been picked up on their radar at an altitude of approximately 9,000 feet.

The strange sighting proved to be so problematic that the airport actually shut down for a staggering 12 hours and cancelled a whopping 26 flights as authorities investigated the situation, though it would appear that the nature of the UFO remains a mystery.

Oddly enough, an eerily similar situation unfolded just a few hours later on Monday morning at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. In this instance, a pilot reportedly spotted an unidentified flying object at an altitude of approximately 1,000 feet.

The puzzling sighting also prompted airport officials to shut down the facility, however travelers in Taiwan fared considerably better than their counterparts in Turkey as the cessation of traffic only lasted a mere 40 minutes. Officials later suggested that the UFO could have been a drone, but conceded that this was merely speculation as, once again, they were unable to come to any exact determination as to what the pilot had seen.

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