An American man has shared his film of his “out of this world” encounter with a UFO. Jason Beard, from Clovis, California, spotted something strange in the sky with a “round energy ball” beneath it in his hometown on October 22.

He managed to capture some of his experience on camera, which showed what he described as a “pearly white object” that moved smoothly across the sky. Suddenly, what he interpreted as an extraterrestrial craft took off “like the speed of lightning” and disappeared entirely from sight.

In the video clip, Jason angled his camera towards the sky and tracked the movement of the unidentified flying object. “What the f*** is that? See that there what I’m looking at, dude you’ve gotta get a look at this thing. The little thing, the little thing way up there,” the clearly shocked Californian can be heard saying to a bystander while he was filming the airborne phenomenon.

While posting the video on Facebook, Jason said it was evidence that humans are not alone in the universe. “I know it’s hard for some to believe but it’s okay,” he wrote on the social media website.

“This thing was Pearl white with a round energy ball below it and spinned before vanishing into the sky like the speed of lightning before my eyes. I can’t deny what I saw. We are not alone people.”

Jason, who is a personal trainer, later recalled his experience to Fox26News, saying: “I happened to look up in the sky, and I never really looked in the sky, and I saw this thing floating. It was going really fast, it was spinning, and it had like something under like a ball, and this thing was just gliding fast.”

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