DETROIT – Approximately a decade ago, marketing experts would push this thought, ‘if your brand is not listed on Google, it does not exist.’ Trust us when we say this, this saying is more accurate than ever before today. Startups today can undoubtedly expect to gain a lot by just working on maintaining an excellent online presence for their business.

Regardless of the business’s size or scale, there are more than a few ways that companies can achieve that. However, a few of them would require the use of advanced techniques, which you might not be familiar with yet. But there are many others, which are easy and straightforward to implement.

Now, the catch is if they are so direct, they would indeed take some time to yield your desired results.

Simultaneously, you also have the option of associating with a professional you can do the job for you. Long story short, if you wish to better the SEO of your startup, there are many options available. So, here we have come up with a few of the SEO techniques, which you can employ to build yourself an online presence, which you and your startup can benefit from.

Guest Blogging

Roddrix, an SEO expert who works with TrumpLearning, says that though many people believe that guest blogging has been dead for years, it is still just as popular. There is a myriad of ways that you can use guest blogging to drive traffic to your website. To reproduce quality blogs, you must hire a dedicated content writer. In all honesty, guest blogging does take time to generate good traffic, but it will be worth it. For achieve predictable results, it is best to maintain a schedule.

However, it may be difficult for you to accomplish, especially if you are working with some specific sites. You must be clear about your posting frequency and how you like it when you pick the websites for guest posts.


Chandler, a social media expert for a decade now, who is presently hired with FineGrades, says that outreach marketing is something that brands need to be very careful with probably because its visibility in the present time is a bit disputed. Of course, we get what Chandler is trying to put here. But, if you do it right, outreach marketing can be a brilliant prospect to attract new visitors to your website, and further expand your reach.

Moreover, outreach marketing can also enable you to realize a few opportunities out of your reach in normal circumstances. We say so because there are still more than a few people who only respond to email marketing or an approach like that. It is primarily because those people are used to those forms more than others.

Thus, we recommend you not to ignore other marketing options, but combine them with outreach, and your brand can achieve wonders.


Well, you cannot disregard the importance of hiring a trained SEO professional to handle the entire digital marketing aspect for your business. Believe us when you say you can gain more than a lot when you work with a competent SEO professional. The good thing is you can easily find several trained professionals seeking for the job.


Hannah, a social media expert with TAE, says that it is an undeniable fact that podcasts are in vogue these days. The good thing is podcasts are relevant to a lot of industries today. Moreover, podcasts are not challenging to set up, especially if you have quality audio equipment with you.

So, as a business owner or a marketing expert, if you have something insightful to say, and know-how to say it, releasing a good podcast could be a good idea. It can be an excellent tactic to produce more and more traffic to your website. A lot of companies have adopted this approach, and it is indeed producing outstanding results.

However, please know that it is a crowded field out there. So, you have to work hard to ensure that your content stands out.


Influencers are people who can help you promote your brand. George, a marketing manager with TFTH, says that a right influencer holds power to turn the tides in your favor, and that is too smart. However, we would like to acknowledge that a lot of work goes into being a good influencer, even if almost all of us have some point or other looked down on them or underestimated the job they do.

So, as a business or a startup, you can look for a right influencer with a dedicated following, treat them with an utmost request, and they would undoubtedly want to do a lot for you and your business. It is essential to do thorough research before you commit to anyone to do the job for you. At present, there are several influencers out there. Some of them even hold power to give you a much better return on investment than the rest.

So, scout the market well, and choose someone who has a successful track record. Please do not commit to the first influencer you can track down.