A former defense intelligence officer has claimed that a diamond-shaped object captured in a photograph known as “The Calvine Photograph” was actually a top-secret US aircraft. The photo, hailed as the “best ever UFO photo,” shows a large angular shape hovering over the landscape, with a Harrier fighter jet visible in the distance.

The photograph was discovered by a team led by academic and journalist Dr. David Clarke, who found it in the hands of a former RAF press officer. The mystery of what exactly the object in the picture was and who took it remains unsolved. However, the team has its strongest lead to date, with the testimony of a former UK Defense Intelligence officer, who revealed that the object may have been a piece of highly top secret and experimental US tech.

The defense official explained that the object was believed to have been an “target designation companion” for F-117 Nighthawk stealth bombers, and was unmanned, very large, and equipped with a high-tech ground-mapping laser. It was estimated to be between 100ft and 130ft long, according to photo analysis by Sheffield Hallam University.

The intelligence officer, who Dr. Clarke first spoke to in 2018, flew to Scotland and interviewed the two men who took the original photograph back in August 1990. He added that there was “a hell of a stink” in Washington over the snaps when they were passed up the chain of command, and the Americans “went ballistic.”

The “Calvine Vehicle” is believed to have been deployed from the US facility at RAF Machrihanish, a highly isolated base on the tip of the Kintyre peninsula, with a 10,000ft long runway, and was an emergency landing site for the space shuttle.

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