A passenger on a commercial flight from from Florida to New York City captured a mysterious metallic-looking UFO through the window of the plane.

“Watch It fly by over the top of the clip first few seconds… video was taken from a friend flying back from Florida to NYC. By far the clearest video I’ve ever seen,” the person who shared the footage on Reddit wrote.

When viewed at normal speed it is somewhat difficult to pick out the UFO in the sky with all of the background noise.

However, when slowed down, the object looks a lot like the classic flying saucer type of UFO.

“Here’s what I know about the footage,” The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 said about the video. “This was captured on March the 25th, 2024 from a flight leaving from Florida to New York City and this was what was caught at the New York City end of the flight.

“Now when we look at this object we can see that it’s tapered in and I don’t see the propellers where we would expect to see.

“If this was a drone and flying this close to a commercial airliner somebody would be in trouble if this was a drone. As for another plane, well, where’s the wings?”