SOUTHFIELD – Digital transformation is the insightful evolution of business, organizational activities, processes, and business flows to fully leverage the benefits of digital technologies and their positive and strategic impact.  Digital transformation is a trek with the end goal of continual efficiency across processes, business units and the entire ecosystem to not only streamline operations but open-up new paths and opportunities.

As Oracle’s CEO Safra Catz stated: “The hardest part of digital transformation isn’t technology—it’s managing the business through change.  But when organizations embrace digital technology and navigate those changes, they not only meet customers’ needs better and empower employees, but do more while spending less.”

The human element and data science are key factors in digital transformations.  Digital transformation plays a critical role by empowering customers.  Digital transformations require new and improved competencies including deep expertise with advanced technologies and the ability to intersect the appropriate technology with the business requirements and data trends.  This holistic approach to your business ties all of the elements together.

Cybernoor utilizes a holistic and innovative approach to business operations and solutions.  This approach puts in place a robust and innovative design including on-premise and cloud based infrastructure and technologies to deliver seamless interaction between business units, unparalleled application performance, and world-class systems and solutions.  As experienced IT Systems Integrators, we understand the technological complexities of today’s systems and the challenges facing businesses. Our Oracle experts work with your organization in finding an innovative system tailored to your needs.

Cybernoor’s Managed Services assume responsibility for the management of your systems, including detecting and resolving issues before they impact your business. Our proactive, systematic process and expertise will ensure your system is well-managed so that you can focus on your primary goal, running and growing your business.

Cybernoor’s premier technical expertise and holistic methodology ensure your systems are managed thoroughly and proactively. Our monitoring services guarantee potential issues are quickly identified and resolved before they impact business operations.

Cybernoor integrates all the major technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Our team of experts work with you to ensure your entire footprint is robust and optimized.  Leveraging Cybernoor’s Application Development team allows your business to establish a competitive edge by ensuring your solutions and integrations are innovative, state-of-the-art, robust and scalable.

Cybernoor’s Application Development team specializes in building world class applications to support mission-critical systems and integrations which are tailored to your business’s requirements. Our experts in the advanced technologies and applications’ arenas can guide you in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting robust and high-performance applications through the entire life-cycle. Whether you are looking to design a new application or extend or integrate with an existing application, the Cybernoor Application Development team can help you create a solution that delivers best-in-class application solutions.


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This column was written by Ahmed Alomari, CEO of Cybernoor Corporation