The convenience and efficiency of sending and receiving online faxes have enabled businesses to transmit important communication without delay. Gone are the days of waiting for the local postal worker to deliver urgent documents. And with today’s technological advances in digital faxing, getting things done is that much easier.

Indeed, faxing has transformed from the traditional fax machine that requires paper and toner to an online practice that can be achieved within seconds and with little expense. Finding your preferred method of faxing starts with examining your options and choosing which works best for you.

Check out these five ways to send a fax in the digital world.

1. Cloud Fax Service

You’ll need an internet fax service or cloud fax service, but the process of sending and receiving documents via the cloud is simple and easy. After logging into your service, choose a recipient, along with their fax number. Additionally, you can assign the fax number to an email address or another cloud-based fax system. Your document then transfers over the internet and lands on your recipient’s server. Since the document is received in an encrypted file, you don’t have to worry whether it’s safe and secure. Best of all, only the recipient can view the faxed document by providing the information necessary to open your transmitted communication.

2. Smartphone

Faxing from your smartphone still requires a fax service, but you’ll save plenty of money when you compare the costs of setting up and maintaining a traditional fax machine. Like other digital methods, when you fax online using your smartphone, you won’t be relying on machines at your local library or office supply store or the costs of hooking up a phone landline.

Moreover, faxing from your smartphone also allows you to sign and edit PDFs or simply snap a picture of your document and fax it. It’s like having an all-in-one portable scanner and fax machine. Now, if you don’t fax many documents on a monthly basis, look for a low-cost service to use when you need it. You’ll also need an internet connection to transmit faxes from your smartphone, but again, the alternative to traditional fax machines still offers convenience and cost savings from which you can benefit. Fax from anywhere, anytime!

3. Gmail Account

Faxing through a Gmail account allows you to keep your files in one location. Having this added advantage from Google makes your files easily accessible whenever you need them. And it’s an environmentally friendly storage that eliminates the need for paper while staying organized. 

Select a fax service, such as MyFax, and use the number provided to you. Then, input your recipient’s fax number and attach your document. Be sure you have supplied your fax number linked to your Gmail account if you will be receiving documents as well. From there, you can feel confident sending important information through this channel with Gmail’s top-level security measures.

4. Fax Service

Choose a fax service that offers the plan you need. You can fax directly from the app, your laptop, or your desktop. If you don’t fax often, you may not need unlimited faxes. Be sure to compare plans and examine the benefits that each one offers. Some plans also give you extra storage where you can keep and view your documents without an extra fee. You can save the extra costs of maintaining a traditional fax machine when you switch to digital faxing and instead use that money for fun adventures or dinner with friends.

5. Your Computer

Perhaps you use your desktop or laptop for a remote job. If so, you can use your fax service to transfer files from your computer to the Internet. You can still use Gmail or your cloud service to transfer documents. Having more flexibility in options will allow you to fax from anywhere and at any time you need. 

Choose Your Service and Get Started Today

Consider these methods for digital faxing and choose the method that works best for you. From choosing vanity numbers to the right method, choose accordingly.  Alternatively, consider utilizing more than one method for ultimate convenience and accessibility. Digital faxing has removed the constraints of having to be in an office building with machines—and it’s provided an increase in time management and productivity.

This article was provided by Jenny Patel