DETROIT – If you are a small business, online brand, or social media influencer, then having a large online following is key.

Amassing more and more followers online on social media platforms is important and has lots of benefits. Benefits to expanding your online social media following is increasing your brand awareness, expanding your marketing influence, attracting more customers, and building up your fan base. Amassing a large online following is beneficial for reaching out and communicating to a large audience, the effects of which are similar to mass text messaging.

But gaining social media followers is not an easy task. After all, you need to provide a reason for the user to follow your page and devote their time and attention to your brand. In doing so, you would have successfully promoted your business to the extent that you’ve convinced the user to buy into your product or service. Any small business owner knows that is no easy task. Even social media influencers know how tough it is to gain followers and grow their page. If you are struggling at doing that then this article will help you overcome that feat, here are 5 tips on how you can increase your social media followers. 

#5- Create Good Quality Content

The main attraction for users on social media platforms is that they want to have access to good quality content. Good quality content can come in many forms. It can be in the form of a video, an infographic, and an aesthetic or artistic post. It can be a short information-packed clip. The purpose of the content can be to promote awareness about a specific cause, or to spread information, exchange ideas, promote a service or product. It really depends on what your social media page is about. If it’s a social media page relating back to your business, then your posts would probably be centric around the purpose of the business, and the industry in which you operate. If you are any type of social media influencer, then your posts will promote your beliefs and practices. Whatever it is that you post about isn’t the priority; you will always find people who are interested in your topic. But what differentiates you from the competition is the quality of your posts and the effort that you put into them.

#4- Cater to Your Niche

Your niche is what will propel you to the social media heights that you’re working hard to reach. Establishing who and what your niche is essential in knowing who are going to target, and what type of content you are going to produce. For example, if you were a social media influencer looking to start a social media page that promotes healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, then your niche target would be an individual who shares the same enthusiasm and mindset around a healthy lifestyle. Also, you would want to consider the demographics of your niche. These are things like age, area, gender, and other specifics about an individual. The more information you have surrounding these details, the more focused you can be on your niche and how to go about targeting them.

#3- Be Passionate 

Social media is a place where creative love exists because it is a platform where ideas and imaginations can come to life. The power of social media is that they’re no boundaries in terms of your creative ideas, and no limits to the content that you create. And so, it makes sense that the most successful social media profiles are the ones that are passionate about their page and their content. This theory applies to both businesses on social media and individual influencers. The moment you don’t give it your all, it would be easy to spot, and your followers will call you out for it. It’s important to be passionate when posting, because of the abundance of people that are on social media, and the relative ease and freedom for users to flip-flop and find substitutes to your content. Being passionate shows users that this person is dedicated to the page and therefore to us and that they might not find this sort of dedication and attention elsewhere. I recommend you follow the footsteps of Andy Dufresne who’s a perfect example of the character traits an entrepreneur must have in order to succeed on the tough road to success.

#2- Follow Your Insights

There are a lot of social media platforms that provide the owner of pages the chance to look into the insights of their page and their followers. Through your page’s insights, you can learn more about your followers and their characteristics. For example, social media insights inform you when your followers are most active during the day, what day of the week they are most active on. With this information, you can now know when to post throughout the day and week, in order to optimize the reach of your content. Another thing insights show you is demographics, which is a topic we discussed above. Through the insights into your demographic, you can learn about your following –what age group are your followers in, what gender, which cities. By learning about these details you get a sense of who you’re communicating to at all times, and thus know how to communicate with them.

#1- Interact With Your Followers

You can interact with followers in many ways, network marketing could be a one, by which you can promote for your business through personal relationships, rather than other marketing channels.As a social media influencer or a business, you want to treat your page as an interactive page where there exists an open line of communication between yourself and the followers. A good way to interact with your followers is by constantly engaging with them, replying to their comments, replying to their direct messages, and asking them their opinion. By doing this you are showing them that you appreciate their input and that you are dedicated to providing content that they are satisfied with, and that is –in fact- tailored to them. Businesses will especially find this tip useful as social media pages that belong to a business tend to be perceived as more professional and less casual or social. However, you may find that interacting with your clients beyond the norms of a professional relationship, but still under the proper boundaries, can have a positive effect on your customer’s perception of your business!                      

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