DETROIT – Voice analytics is one of the fastest growing areas that contact centers are utilizing across the globe. By taking advantage of advanced voice analytics software, businesses can be provided with powerful insights into call handling and customer insights, all from previously incomprehensible data.

Using progressive analytic tools, such as real-time and emotional analytics, experiences can be improved for not just customers, but agents too. Unhappy staff can lead to unhappy customers, which is why it is crucial to put call agents’ wellbeing first and invest in the right software to allow the best possible service.

Businesses are giving themselves a huge advantage against competitors by implementing voice analytics software. Below, we discuss 5 reasons why every call center should take the right steps and make use of voice analytics software.

1.   Retain Customers

It can be a common occurrence, customers calling with the intention of leaving their supplier.

Some have no intention of doing so but may already be irate with a complaint about the product or service and without the correct call handling, they will make a snap decision to cancel contracts.

Voice analytics provides a platform for businesses to easily identify why customers may be choosing to leave. This then allows managers to give feedback to the relevant teams regarding any faults or issues with products and services.

It also allows better training, if common issues arise and call agents do not have the right expertise to handle them, customers can easily be put off. By giving agents everything they need to rectify a problem, customers are less likely to leave.

2.   Better Customer Service

Customer service is the number one priority for call centers and wanting to improve this is the main reason for any company to invest in voice analytics software.

Voice analytics software evaluates audio data from live and recorded phone calls and detects the emotion of a caller and can translate this information into easily digested transcripts.

This allows agents to understand the needs and expectations of a customer and be provided with a better insight on how to address the issue.

By rectifying issues before a negative emotion runs too high increases the chances of satisfied customers and better call handling.

3.   Improve Training Procedures

Monitoring calls is an important part of managing a call center but there are very few managers who have the hours in the day to listen to every call.

With voice analytics software, managers can quickly and easily track calls and check that agents are adhering to scripts and compliance.

If an agent is underperforming, the reason why can be swiftly discovered and the correct training can be implemented to help them succeed.

Similarly, those agents who are excelling will provide the best examples to other agents on how to handle calls and convert those callers into revenue. Patterns can be detected in these calls and be used to help others provide their best service.

Voice analytics can also be used to identify problematic calls, managers can create workflows to demonstrate how to handle these calls and allow a more seamless experience for both agents and customers.

4.   Save Costs

A huge cost for any call center is staffing and if handling time is not properly handled, this can lead to higher numbers of agents required.


Voice analytics improves customer service and reduces average handling time, meaning agents can answer more calls each day.

For example, voice analytics can detect exactly what the customer is looking for and refer them to the correct department first time, reducing the call handle time and putting a stop to disgruntled customers who have to be passed between departments.

Managers can also monitor compliance and detect if any agent is not following the correct procedures. This significantly reduces the risks of complaints and lawsuits, which could lead to hefty fines or compensation being paid out.

Common words and phrases that could be considered as noncompliant or against company procedures can be detected and flagged, allowing managers to rectify this as quickly as possible and provide relevant training to agents.

5.   Increase Revenue

Call centers are not just used to help with customer queries, it is the perfect platform to increase revenue from callers.

Voice analytics can identify opportunities to up-sell to callers, resulting in better conversion rates.

Managers can use this tool as an insight into whether attempts to up-sell a particular product has made an impact on the level of customer satisfaction and if a certain demographic reacts more positively or negatively than others.

By using real-time voice analytics, personalized up-selling programs can be created to meet specific customer needs while the call is in action.

Marketing campaigns can even be tracked and monitored in success by recording a caller’s age, gender, location or any other metric that the sales team is wanting to keep an eye on. Not only can this help with current campaigns, but can provide valuable insights for future ones.

The above 5 points are just some of the reasons every call center should invest in voice analytics software. This technology is constantly evolving and it is common to see AI integrated into this software, while this is still considered to be in the initial stages, it is hoped this will eventually predict the behavor of a caller.

This will provide the valuable tool to be able to resolve issues before they have even happened and allow the best form of customer service possible.