Last week we covered how the Tesla Cybertruck’s aerodynamics might be better than its boxy shape suggests, and today Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the numbers and suggested that the Cybertruck could get a Cd (drag coefficient) as low as .3 – quite impressive for a pickup truck.

In the last post, we went over some CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling of the Cybertruck done by aerospace engineer Justin Martin.  His model wasn’t complete – it didn’t model wheels (a large source of drag) and ignored the fenders because Martin couldn’t get accurate enough measurements.  But it got the basic proportions of the truck right, from whatever public information Martin could find.

Martin also decided not to share Cd number because of the assumptions he had to make in the model.  And because the Cybertruck currently doesn’t have side mirrors, which can be rather draggy.

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