DETROIT—Tokyo-based-Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. Announced the acquisition of the shares of Detroit-based Ushr Inc.

DMP officials said they will begin to provide high-defniition 3D digital maps to a wide range of users in the North American and Japanese markets. DMP Group will further expand map coverage from highways to surface roads and from Japan and North America to other regions worldwide.

DMP Group’s HD Map is the only sensor which provides a near-ground truth measurements of road geometry and attribution in a cost-effective manner for mass production vehicles. General Motors integrated Ushr’s HD Map into its Super Cruise system, which itself was a first-to-market feature for passenger vehicles. Many other automakers and suppliers are now considering integrating DMP Group HD Maps into their highly-automated driving systems.

Also, autonomous shuttle manufacturing companies are also initiating the development of autonomous driving systems that incorporate DMP Group HD Maps both within and outside of Japan. Both DMP Group companies have advanced technical capabilities to provide HD Maps suitable for different mobility markets and will strive to meet evolving customer demands from the widespread adoption of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving systems.

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