MUSKEGON ? The Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center is hosting an event Feb. 11 featuring an energy climate speaker. The program is called The Next Renewable Energy Frontier.

The speaker is Erik Nordman PhD who has recently returned from a year-long sabbatical in which he researched renewable energy options in Kenya.

Residents of Sub-Sahara Africa have the least access to modern energy services in the world. In most countries less than 20 percent of the population has access to grid electricity. Overreliance on unsustainable energy systems, such as firewood, charcoal, and kerosene, negatively affects ecosystems and human health. Ecomonic growth is required to alleviate poverty, but growth is constrained by the lack of energy infrastructure.

Join Nordman as he discusses the challenges and opportunities for renewable energy investment in Sub-Saharan Africa with a special focus on East Africa.

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