Michigan Energy Agency Issues RFP For $100K In Grants For Renewable Energy For Biz, Hospitals

LANSING – The Michigan Agency for Energy has issued a Request for Proposals for $100,000 in grants to Michigan municipalities, public K-12 schools, hospitals, nonprofit organizations and small businesses for energy waste reduction and renewable energy products and services. This is the first time that hospitals are included in the program.

Projects must benefit public sectors through energy waste reduction and renewable energy through implementing Community Energy Management (CEM) best practices.

These activities must result in cost effective upgrades that reduce operating costs for public building owners, support community development and local job creation, and free up capital to reinvest in communities over the long term.

Proposals are due by Aug. 31.

To read all the details, click on https://www.sbam.org/Resources/tabid/97/ArtMID/2980/ArticleID/2918/Michigan-Agency-for-Energy-issues-Request-for-Proposals-for-100000-in-grants-for-energy-waste-reduction-renewable-energy-products-and-services.aspx