Veteran Tech Executive Tyler Creates SMB Management Consulting Startup

Veteran Tech Executive Tyler Creates SMB Management Consulting Startup

NOVI – For me, the decision to found True Depth, LLC, my newly-launched professional services consultancy, began with a problem: I couldn’t find a company like it. And I looked.

With a background in public relations, marketing, and operations, I had been repeatedly called upon to assist businesses at key transformational junctures. Over the course of a couple decades, I’d spearheaded aggressive expansions, assisted with management transitions, provided guidance at times of crisis, and spearheaded bold forays into new markets. Frequently, I wanted the assistance of an enterprise-caliber consulting firm capable of driving improvement in both “hard” operational and “soft” human-focused areas in a coordinated, effective manner. The problem was that such a company didn’t exist. So I’d have to create one.

Enter TrueDepth. Fresh from four years as COO of Red Level, a rapidly growing IT consultancy, and 14 years as founder and leader of PR and marketing firm Airfoil, I decided it was time to execute another bold transformation of her own. I founded TrueDepth to put my passion for coaching, education, and strategy to work, creating the SME-focused consultancy I’d never been able to find – one that could tackle market communications, strategic planning, operational improvement, and personnel development in an integrated, holistic approach.

I identified the need for a company like True Depth through both my professional and personal experience. I had helped many companies that desperately needed the services of an objective third party who could provide not only strategic direction, but practical help in driving change throughout the organization – including in the attitudes and approaches of senior management. The human transformation aspect is often the most significant roadblock to corporate changes, and it holds companies back. And in my own career, there were times when I could have really used objective help in order to make difficult decisions and chart a new course.

It didn’t take much for me to realize that the issues I’d seen in companies I’d worked with and those I’d faced personally weren’t unique – and in most cases, they were closely interrelated. That showed me that there was an abundant, urgent need for a company like True Depth.”

I consider a holistic, results-driven strategy as a key to True Depth’s success. In my view, the ability to navigate all strata of an organization and coordinate transformation within and across departments while encouraging personal and professional development helps the company to generate lasting results for clients – and do it quickly. It’s an approach that has already begun to resonate with clients and prospects: Even before its formal opening, True Depth had signed on to assist in the launch of a new US joint venture between two international firms, helping to assist the companies in finding common ground between their distinct – and very different – corporate cultures.

Neither companies nor people tend to change as quickly as technology does, as the market does, or as the culture does. Both businesses and professionals can benefit from a clear-eyed, objective look at whether what they do is working or not, along with guidance on where and how to make necessary changes. As our name suggests, we ‘go deep’ to help our clients find their true purpose and true direction. It’s our job to help bring their goals, thinking, and activities into alignment, because that’s the shortest path to reaching their full potential.”

TrueDepth is an executive coaching and management consulting firm serving organization leaders and small to medium-sized businesses working to optimize executive and corporate performance.

For further information, contact TrueDepth at 248-994-1025, or visit

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