DETROIT – Many elected officials and business elite gathered last Tuesday to celebrate Kevin Williams becoming CEO of Global Automotive Alliance.

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist was one of the first to make a speech, and in it, he also applauded the work and dedication of Executive Chairman Bill Pickard. He said that he had made a significant impact on the community through his commitment to entrepreneurship. 

Gilchrist said that Pickard has ‘touched many lives’ through his way of leading, as well as the way that he has mentored those under him. Gilchrist said at Pickard with Williams as the head of the company, the future looks bright. He continued by saying that enterprising businesses like Global Automotive Alliance in Detroit need leaders like this in order to thrive in a state that has run into economic issues in the past and that by following their personal approach and business model, they have the potential to go above and beyond.

Gilchrist said by emphasizing the importance of the government making intention steps toward the inclusion of African-Americans in leadership positions like this. He said he believes that while there is still a lot of work to do in this regard, he believes that there is a strong commitment to ‘remove the barriers’ that was once a very small sector of the industry.

Williams advised his number two Pickard that if he were to take on the mammoth task ahead of him, it would be with the vision that was started all those years ago. However, he did need to make sure that his wife approved of it as well.

Pickard thanked Williams for his passionate vision for the company and believes that through his vision, the company can take steps in the right direction toward progress and change. Pickard ended his speech by addressing Williams’ family; his wife and daughters. He said that they epitomize the meaning of the American dream and believes that Williams brings both vision and hope to black entrepreneurship in general.

Not only will Williams become president of the Detroit-based company, but he will also retain his position as a partner as well.

The Future of Business in Detroit

Detroit isn’t the only state to experience loss and hardship when it comes to business. For any business to make it through and survive in the 21st century, it needs global, passionate leadership that knows what it is going to take to scale small businesses so that they can realize their true potential.

Williams has years of business experience under his belt, in both the technology and engineering industries, and his specialized expertise in global leadership is what makes him the perfect candidate for CEO of GAA.

Not only does a CEO need great leadership skills, but they also need great people skills as well. In a world where technology and business models are now intricately intertwined, the leader of a company needs to be equipped with the right tools for employee management and monitoring. 

Under Williams guidance, GAA will help Detroit’s automotive industry thrive.

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