DETROIT – Do you often feel the urge to be more productive? There are plenty of hours in a day and just so much that you can do within this period. But if you dedicate most of the time to work, then it might be difficult to accomplish your personal plans and live a fulfilling life. With fewer companies currently adhering to the conventional 9-5 job, multiple IT organizations offer flexible schedule and lots of career opportunities.

One of the ways to help you meet your career ambitions is to get certified in your field. Is there a better feeling than becoming an expert in your area of specialty? If you agree with this statement, this guide is for you. Below, you’ll get factual information about the Microsoft 70-764 exam and how it can help you gain promotion at the workplace.

Without further ado, we now delve into the major details of this post.

Microsoft 70-764: Quick Exam Facts

Microsoft exam 70-764 is a unique test that validates database specialists commonly involved in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of specific database-centered tasks. This means that this exam will help you showcase your knowledge and ability to automate and store data using the SQL Server and will qualify you for the Microsoft’s MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification if passed along with Exam-Labs Practice assessment.

It’s important to have the following skills before scheduling 70-764 test:

  • Configuring data access and auditing
  • Managing backup and restore of Databases
  • Managing and monitoring SQL Server instances
  • Managing high availability and disaster recovery

How do You Crack Microsoft 70-764 Exam?

Passing Certbolt 70-764 exam requires intense training using a number of resources. Often times, a combination of hard work and an effective strategy is the key to cracking this test on the first try. Here are the 3 greatest tips for acing this Microsoft assessment right away.

  • Design a proper study plan

Designing a plan is one of the most important components of preparing for your Microsoft 70-764 exam. This test commands a sufficient amount of commitment and perseverance, so it will be easier to follow the ready-made list of topics you need to cover. But just be sure the plan is realistic and also includes scheduled breaks in between study periods to improve information retention and increase your chances of success in the exam visit .

  • Be sure to use quality study materials

A concrete study plan is incomplete without high-quality study materials. And at this point, it’s important to keep track of your progress using dependable sources like the Microsoft Press Store. It is one such a reliable provider of effective training materials that cover all the basic exam objectives. Still, it’s imperative to have secondary resources to help you cover what you might have struggled to understand from the other prep materials.

  • Assume a practical-oriented approach

Theoretical knowledge is important. But never forget that Microsoft 70-764 is a practical test, meaning your hands-on skills are just as important. That is why taking Microsoft’s instructor-led or self-paced online training can be a good idea to help you jumpstart your certification journey. Otherwise, you may also choose to practice with exam dumps so as to gain the upper hand over fellow candidates by working with a simulation-based learning environment and get the real picture of the actual exam.

Why Should You Train with Exam Dumps?

They say practice makes perfect and this is true if speaking about exam dumps. Regulated exams often imply that candidates will be required to spend several hours in a tight situation attempting to answer the questions given. If not properly handled, this automatically leads to fatigue at best, and failure at worst. Fortunately, exam dumps provided by a reliable vendor like Exam-labs can help you build resilience and help you prepare the right way. Here are a few benefits to adopting this learning and reviewing approach.

  • Bridge the Knowledge Gaps

It’s very difficult to pass the Microsoft 70-764 exam if you don’t know all the required objectives. Exam dumps are effective tools for identifying the gaps between what you know and what the actual exam will test. And this will go a long way toward becoming well-prepared for the test.

  • Ensure Knowledge Retention

Pulling an all-nighter a few days to facing your test will never do miracles on the exam day. Instead, candidates should consistently study for a long period and in short sessions, taking trial tests regularly to ensure that they’ve mastered all the concepts. This technique helps students to retain the information covered for easy retrieval during the exam.

  • Build Your Stamina

If you visit the website, you’ll see a number of free ete files and a paid Microsoft 70-764 Premium Bundle ($59.99) with a set of study materials. Both variants of these files can be used in the ETE Software which will show you the exam structure and will let you take mock tests in the near-real testing environment. This will surely improve your scores steadily.

So, Where Should You Start?

The first thing you should do is to schedule your Microsoft 70-764 exam by simply selecting the “schedule exam” button on the Microsoft official website. Depending on your country of origin, you can opt for an online test if it’s available in your location. This option gives you the freedom to take your exam from the comfort of your home through the Pearson VUE website. And of course, everything will only go smoothly after you’ve paid the full exam fee worth $165.


In a nutshell, information technology remains an interesting field for individuals dreaming of steady growth and proper compensation for their skills. A combination of the right technical acumen and hands-on experience is necessary for success in this area. But even then, experts still advise that you should always be willing to learn if you want to embrace modern developments and stay on par with the latest trends, so current certifications can help you a lot. Dreaming alone is not enough to bring success, so take action today and get your MCSA badge by registering a stellar score in your Microsoft 70-764 using exam dumps.