Are You an Ideal Candidate for Microsoft 70-743 Exam?

DETROIT - The Microsoft 70-743 exam is known as Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016. The whole preparation for it is different. You will need to study a syllabus and get a good passing score to achieve the certification. Here is an overview of Microsoft 70-743 that all candidates should explore to receive

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Cadette Cyber Day Camp For Girl Scouts

TROY - Walsh faculty and Microsoft staff will facilitate Cadette Cyber Day Camp for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan for the second year on June 25-27. An additional session will be held July 15-17. Cadette scouts, grades six through eight, will participate in hands-on activities and workshops led by faculty, including Raspberry Pi and

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Report: Self-Driving Cars Make Mistakes Because Of Limited AI Training Situations

DETROIT - Self-driving cars are still prone to making mistakes, in part because the AI training can only account for so many situations. Microsoft and MIT might just fill in those gaps in knowledge -- they've developed a model that can catch these virtual "blind spots," as MIT describes them. The approach has the AI compare a human's

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Wayne State, Microsoft Partner On Pilot Tech Employability Skills Program

DETROIT — Wayne State University and Microsoft Corp. announced a new partnership to pilot an employability skills program. Officials with the company and the university say the program will foster job-ready, employable talent for high-demand technical positions such as cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, AI engineering and more. The goal is to create economic opportunities

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Cybernoor CEO Discusses How His Oracle-Focused Company Can Help Business Manage Technology

ROYAL OAK - Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari discusses what Oracle-focused company can do to help businesses manage technology. Ahmed Alomari  Cybernoor offers these products and services. Managed Services Application Development and Integrations Performance Tuning Upgrades and Re-platforming Cloud Deployments To find out more, click on  

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Microsoft Battles Russian Hackers Attacking US Election Sites

SEATTLE - Microsoft said Monday that it had identified yet another attempt to hack political organizations and that the attack came from what it suspects is a group of professional hackers working for the Russian government. The tech giant spotted and neutralized websites that were attempting to impersonate the sites of conservative think tanks. If this all sounds

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Red Level’s Dreyer Explains Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Plus Security Platform

ROYAL OAK - How do you secure your data with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility plus Security platform? Red Level Senior Consultant Mark Dreyer explains in this M2 TechCast interview. In this podcast, Dreyer explains what EMS is and what it can do for businesses. He says from past conversations with clients they want to get connected

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Red Level’s Coffey: The Upside And Downside Of Anywhere Access

ROYAL OAK - Red Level Microsoft Solutions Manager Justin Coffey explains the upside and downside of anywhere access. Business professionals are working remotely from the road or home, which then makes the business network vulnerable to cyberattack. The ways to do remote work safely includes: OneDrive for Business: Access to your files in the cloud

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MTAM Supports Innovative Microsoft Technical Education And Literacy In Schools Program

DETROIT - Did you know that right now there are currently 500,000 unfilled programming jobs in the U.S.? In Michigan alone, there are over 14,000 open computing jobs. Many of these positions are high-paying. Many computing careers are projected to grow at twice the rate of other jobs. We also know computer science helps build

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Red Level Free Webinar May 24 Will Show Businesses How To Make Workforce Mobile, And Secure

NOVI - Can you ensure your data is secure while your workforce is on the go? Red Level will show you how to make your workforce mobile, and secure, during a free webinar May 24 at 1 pm. In this webinar, Red Level will discuss how Microsoft’s cloud-based security solutions (including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility

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