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Join West Michigan Chapter Of The Air & Waste Management Association on January 16 to learn more about the current cannabis industry and associated environmental regulations. We will be joined by the following speakers:

Andrew Brisbo, Executive Director of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), will provide an overview of how the agency is overseeing the marijuana industry, ensuring a fair and efficient regulatory structure for Michigan businesses as well as access to safety-tested marijuana for Michigan’s citizens. Andrew will discuss the regulatory framework for adult-use marijuana and the agency’s role in educating the public about current rules and programs offered in Michigan.

Robert Elmouchi of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Air Quality Division, will describe how the existing black market jeopardizes the prosperity of Michigan’s legal marijuana industry, and how business and government can work together to minimize financial impacts as well as protect Michigan’s environment and public health. Robert will also discuss Michigan’s air quality regulations that apply to the marijuana industry, and EGLE’s efforts to assist the industry with achieving compliance. Robert is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association Environmental White Paper Committee and two State of Michigan marijuana workgroups.

Rhonda Oyer of EGLE’s Materials Management Division will discuss the proper management of solid waste such as plant materials and soils that are generated from the production of marijuana. She will also talk about the proper management of hazardous wastes such as the solvents used to obtain oils, concentrates, and extracts from marijuana, and how both solid and hazardous wastes potentially impact the environment. Finally, she will provide information on where the industry can find additional environmental guidance put together by EGLE.

Christine Alexander of EGLE’s Water Resources Division will discuss water consumption, surface water discharges, NPDES permitting, disposal, and water treatment plants as it relates to the production of cannabis.

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